Dr. Mandell tragically passed away on February 2, 2017. His wife, and one of the original founders of DANISH, Nancy Mandell, will be continuing the DANISH meetings in his honor. We hope to see you there.

Dallas Asperger Network for Information Support and Help

DANISH is an organization serving those with high functioning autism, Asperger's, and related developmental disorders. We also serve families and friends of those individuals mentioned above as well as anyone interested in learning more about these disorders.

The structure of DANISH consists primarily of two areas. One is an online support group and the other is an in-person support group that meets the fourth Thursday of every month (except in November and December). The online support group involves DANISH members chatting with each other, sharing information, and giving opinions as they respond to one another's questions and concerns. The in-person support group does essentially the same thing, however they are engaging each other in person and Nancy Mandell is present to facilitate the meeting and provide her experience. You may participate in both the online and in-person groups free of charge. It is estimated that there are over 350 families involoved in the Dallas Asperger Network for Information, Support, and Help.

Office Address:
  6716 Roman Court
  Plano, TX 75023
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Nancy Mandell can be contacted via email at Merinance4@aol.com.

If you want to be a part of the online support group, we have moved to Facebook! It is a closed (private) group, so members can feel safe to share. Just look up Dallas Asperger Network For Information Support And Help Established 2000 and request an invite or you can contact Nancy for a personal invite at the e-mail address listed above. We also have the new adults with Aspergers facebook group under Dallas Asperger Adults.

If you want to attend an in-person support meeting, come to Nancy Mandell's home office on the fourth Thursday of any month (except when we do not meet because of the holidays in November and December).

Don't miss the next meeting,
May 24, 2018.
We look forward to seeing you!

For those looking for individual, family, or couples counseling or groups, Nancy Mandell is taking on clients. Skype and phone sessions may also be available. Contact her for additional details or to set up a session. Merinance4@aol.com